Commenced in the year 2005, Charms Classic Deco was founded by Mr. Moisen Evarist with the aim of bringing in innovative interior products. Over the years we have built our company from strength to strength and today we are synonymous with the highest standards of quality, reliability, and services. We are one of the leading companies specializing in floorings and cladding materials, for all sectors.

Since its inception, Charms Classic Deco has taken on the mantle of introducing its clients to state-of-the-art interior products with unmatched quality. Along with gaining extensive experience in the past years, we have developed strong professional relationships with numerous notable names in the field of architecture and interior design. Furthermore, we have some of the best distributors and vendors in the industry. Our relationship with our clients is built on trust, confidence, and reliability. We have built our company on a strong foundation, which enables us to push our boundaries and create a benchmark in the industry.

Charms Classic Deco has partnered with the finest brands in the industry from across the world. More importantly, we are the Channel Partners and Stockist for a selective list of global brands in the building industry. VOLONTÉ - created by us for Luxury Vinyl Tiles and premium wooden floorings, has appealed to a number of our clients.

We have created and designed space for some of the most distinguished names. Mahindra and Mahindra showrooms, Volkswagen showrooms, Global Hospital, Huntsman International India Pvt. Ltd., McDonalds Restaurants, Givaudan India Pvt. Ltd., and Surya Hospital are some of our success stories.

Charms Classic Deco has reached great heights today. We have established a strong grounding in almost every segment. From healthcare facilities to lifestyle to offices we have established ourselves with our high-performance floor covering, which are easy to install and convenient to maintain. It is our endeavour to be the best in the industry by adopting a number of strategies.

Our Passion

Our passion is for developing imaginative, innovative products — versatile, luxury Vinyl flooring with the look of simply beautiful, natural floors. Charms Classic Deco has partnered with the finest brands across not only domestic but international markets too.

To add on to our achievements, we are channel partners & stockist for a selective list of global brands in the construction industry. Our brand “VOLONTÉ” created for Luxury Vinyl Tiles & premium wooden floorings has appealed to many clients.


Our floorings are manufactured with workmanship precision and surveyed by experienced and skilled staff under EN standards. All activities are designed to offer our customers real advantages with our products and service. Our services are designed to meet the demands of our customers and we also ensure that our offer is to the best for the individual person and the community by adopting the following strategies :

Versatile Marketing Team

Consisting of industry professionals and trained marketers, each member of the team has represented the company’s success. Maintaining a good rapport with our clients is our aim, which we do exceedingly well. We have a team of excellent market strategists known for their flawless execution.

Installation Team

With the help of a very capable in-house technical team, we have fabricated solid surface and lay Linoleum/Wood/Vinyl floorings. We have experienced and dedicated workmanship with timely handover of our deliverables. Both factors when coupled together make us capable of meeting our client’s requirement with competence.

After-Sales Service

From the conception of ideas to completion and beyond, we are there with our clients at every step. We offer excellent after-sales service, which includes solving customers’ problems relating to maintenance and service.