Victorshield is a high quality Wall & Ceiling protection materials manufactured under European Norms. We provide a high grade Green Building materials to Hospitals, Airports, Railway Stations, Office Spaces, Schools, Clubhouses. Our VictorShield Protection Materials like Hand Rails, Grab Bar, Wall Panels, Wall Guards, Corner Guards are commonly used on the above facilities.

In Product Quality control, we have a perfect testing method & quality Control process. This material has passed every function test like antibacterial, impact, fire performance, anti-collision test, toxicity test & physical weathering, etc.

Victorshield also focuses on Environment protection. Victorshield is a brain child of Charms Classic Deco, which has constantly worked on the requirement of Clean- rooms, Healthcare & Laboratories.

Wall Guard
Hand Rail
Bathroom Safety Grab Bar System
Medical Curtain System

Product Features

  • Corrosion resistance, antibacterial resistance
    Resistant to most acid, salt, alcohol, iodine, vegetable oil, etc. Also anti-corrosion & anti-bacterial. Highly resistant to any external pollutants.
  • Anticollision wear-resisting
    Highly Impact Resistant & Hard Wear Resistant. Increase the life of wall & corners.
  • Easy to clean
    Panels are highly dense and dirt repellent surfaces.
  • Fire Retardant
    Material has been manufactured under European Norms to sustain the Fire Safety Norms.
  • Green environmental protection
    Does not contain the radioactive elements and any harmful gas.
  • Rich Colours Choice
    Variety choice of colours available as per the need of aesthetic by the Designers.
  • Dimensional Stability
    Due to the temperature variance, the material is stable enough in their dimensional changes.
  • Thermal & Sound Insulation
    The material is highly colour fastness & sound insulant. Do not fade & easily age.
  • Easy to install
    Common tools & recommended adhesives enhance the easy installation.

Victorshield Products

Corner Guard

Corner Guards provide excellent protection and versatility for hospitality and residential.

Wall Guard

Wall guards come in various sizes, shapes, colors and styles. In addition to our unique ability to protect all areas of any facility.


Victorshield Handrails installed on the wall which is about 80cm-90cm from the floor.

Handrails can protect the walls well from impact, at the same time, it gives support to the passerby.

Bathroom Safety Grab Bar System

Grab bars provide assistance when bathing or using a commode and improving bathroom safety and mobility for the elderly or disabled. Soft Nylon exterior gives a sense of warmth and a non-slip surface! Nylon grab bar can kill surface bacteria in 24 hours. Double aluminum (or 304 Stainless Steel) tube inside offering a closed & corrosion resistance structure.

Grab bars are often thought of as only for the elderly, but all people can use something to grab onto in case of loss of footing. Falls in the bathroom are a leading cause of injury. Grab bars can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Medical Curtain System

Medical Curtain is with web design on the top. Air from outside or air conditioner can go through the web design to keep the sickroom ventilated

Medical Curtain can be used in sickrooms, checking rooms, transfusion rooms.

Transfusion System

Telecoping transfusion bottle holder can help patient & nurses adjusting the height easily.

Using with cube track & ball-bearing wheel, bottle holder can run smoothly along the track.