VOLONTÉ, a brand by Charms Classic Deco has created unique designs which posses a natural & original look.

The word VOLONTÉ in French means “Desire” and desires are what we are out to fulfill. We have refined the processes in order to obtain the perfect authentic original look which enables to the flooring to create a lifelike copy.

VOLONTÉ covers the main elements like flawless installation, impeccable dimensional stability & easy maintenance.

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  • Made from 100% virgin PVC & warm & soft
  • Natural and realistic surface design
  • Resistant to indentations and fire
  • Waterproof and soundproof. They are quiet to walk over, it doesn’t make noise.
  • Excellent UV stability & Antiskid
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain - The most important thing is that VOLONTÉ LVT flooring is capable of creating an overnight makeover for any facility
  • Can be used in most residential and commercial locations, including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and shower room
  • Easy to replace a damaged piece of LVTs


Industry Wise

The breakdown of the segments where VOLONTÉ LVT can be aesthetically used is as follows:

Leisure & Hospitality

Hospitality flooring — whether it’s in a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel requires the perfect combination of comfort, cleanliness and color scheme. A high frequency of foot traffic also demands hospitality flooring to be made of long-lasting design elements to ensure a certain level of reliability.

VOLONTÉ Flooring consists of dependable designs, textures and colors that make perfect assets for any restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue or cafeteria setting.


VOLONTÉ LVT is apt for retail scenarios because of its quick & easy installation.

Factors like easy maintenance & capacity of undergoing an overnight makeover make it suitable for retails.

Commercial Premises, Healthcare & Educational Institutions

Your commercial premises needs to fit the space both in design and usability.

VOLONTÉ also creates a hygienic, homely and official atmosphere which makes it an all-purpose flooring solution.

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